Selasa, 26 April 2011

How to Make a Delicious Fried Rice with Fresh Vegetables and Sliced Sosis

Breakfast is the most important thing before start our daily activities. The better breakfast we ate, we will gain better energy to spend our time in busy activities. It depends on what we eat at breakfast. Fried rice has many energies, proteins, Vitamin B 6, and Carbohydrates. In this essay, we will learn how to make delicious fried rice with vegetables and sliced souses in some paragraphs below.

The first thing that we need is about the ingredients such as : onion, garlic, celery, chili, pepper, tomato, vegetable, souses, flavoring, eggs and rice. After all of ingredients are prepared, we should prepare the equipment of cooking such as frying pan, frying spoon and gas stove for ensure it.

The second is about main steps or how to make fried rice after all of the ingredients and frying equipment are prepared well. Mix all of the ingredients into hot oil and stir it well until good enough, and then combine it with rice. After all is prepared, serve it into clean plate and add some vegetables that you like and enjoy it.

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  1. It is an procedure essay, isn't it?
    I think, it's better to rearrange because you just explained in general.Use grammar check before it was posted, I saw there are many mistakes in grammars.
    The little things that want to critic is "such as", you do not need to put colon after such as. The other thing is "union", I guess that you mean is onion.
    I did not see that you wrote something such as chop, slice, pour,etc.It's very important because the tittle is How to Make a Delicious Fried Rice with Fresh Vegetables and Sliced Sosis.
    I think that's all.

  2. I think your essay is to short .

    It is better for you to add picture in your essay too.
    try to make conclusions on all the essays that you write :)

    keep writing .

  3. no sosis, but sausage.
    i think don't use colon after "such as"

    could you explain to reader,how to prepare the ingredients of make fried rice?

  4. you have a good idea in this procedure essay. i agree with Anna. Use grammar check first before you post it to blog. You need to write how to serve it, too :)

  5. its to short, da zack.........

    you should improve your essay and make your conclusion in your essay,zack!

    check your grammar again

  6. i think you should add with drink a glass of milk in the morning. not only breakfast with fried rice.
    i hope you can do it!!!

  7. hey zack, i dont know what should i tell to you,you should check your word in your sentences like : Carbonhidrats = carbohidrats, enjot = enjoy hehe

  8. hahaha that was my bad dude!!

  9. you should put the picture of this food...
    i feel hungry when i imagine this food.
    hehe :D

  10. Hahaha,,, I read this essay,,,It made me fun because of the vocab.
    Revise it bro zak.......
    keep writing! hoho:D....

  11. I've just revised it, how do you think guys?
    no "enjot" anymore. LOL :D