Senin, 23 Mei 2011


Love is a bless from our God to us, love is a feeling that make us feel comfort when someone who beloved is beside us. We knew that love is became inspiration for many people in this world to keep survive and face or trough out the life challenge. And in this article, I will introduce you about the person who I loved.

Father. Father is the most valuable person in my life. He tought me many things about habbits and attitudes in Minangkabau custome. He is my inspiration. Hwe is my leader. To be like him is my ambition. Now, he already rest in peace in the heaven, I always pray for him. I will not make him dissappointed anymore.

Mother, she is the one I loved. She is the most precious person in my life. I will take care her after she took care me since I was born until now without any complainments even tough I was a bad guy. With her patience she grew me up to a nice person. I promise I will take her with my best effort and I will not make her disappointed anymore.

My brothers. I have 4 big brothers and 3 little brothers; no sister. I respect them very much. We grew up together trough various kind of problems. And now we have been already grown up and separated each other to gain the successful future.

My teacher, thanks a lot to my teacher who thought me any things about knowledges in this world, for example, lessons, attitudes, histories. And I am sorry to them because of my bad habits in the past that makes them up set, annoyed, and angry.

I think thats all from my loved person that I can describe to you, I hope they would be okay. May Allah bless their life. Amin.

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  1. in the third paragraph, line 1, "she is the one I loved" is not correct. The correct is "she is the one that i love". Do not use past tense

  2. your lovely persons is good..........
    i love them..........

    and please check your grammar.......


  3. love is a feeling that make us feel comfort = love is a feeling that makes us feel comfort

  4. When i saw your essay, reminds me with my dad. Miss him so much :( You must make your dad proud of you "there" . Keep good on writing, boy! :)

  5. zacky
    so far your essay is good enough,,
    but keep pay attention about grammar, diction and punctuation mark,,,

    that's from me!!

    keep writing!!

  6. u have big family as many as mine

  7. Your essay is good,..
    You also add some pictures of the people that you love,.
    That's nice,..

    Just keep writing,,,

  8. i like this essay..
    you make the reader become interested to read about the persons that you love :)

  9. Well, I see you got better in writing,Zack...

    But,What is you conclusion...?

  10. hmmm....LOVE is is friendship...! hahha......
    Your wrtng is good. I just want to give a comment about paragraph 1 = love is became inspiration(X)= Love is an inspiration or love is becoming inspiration. hahha....
    keep writing n BE CREATIVE brooo!!!^^

  11. i hope your father will be Rest in heaven, , amin