Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Ahmad Zakky JM

Hi, my name is Ahmad Zakky Jm. I am the student of Padang State University in English Literature Program. I live in Padang, Wisma Indah V Blok. B No. 8 Tabing. I was born at January 28 1990 in Duri, Riau Province.

In Duri. I lived there for 4 years with my parent. When I was 5, I moved to Padang Panjang and had a very basic education for my age at once at Dinniyah Puteri, Padang Panjang. I studied there for 5 years until fourth grade of elementary school.

When I was in fifth grade of elementary school, I moved to another school to SDN 14 Bukit Surungan Padang Panjang, and had education there for 2 years and finished my elementary school there.

I continued my study to senior high school my education to the higher level to the junior high school at Nurul Ikhlas Islamic Boarding School in Padang Panjang. I was happy to be there, because it is my favourite school and I was glad. I had my education there for 3 years in junior high school grade.

I continued my study to senior high school at there. I did not want to moved to another school because I felt home to being a student of Nurul Ikhlas. I got lot of experiences in leadership, friendship, religion ship.

When I graduated. I got an offer to stay there for managing male student dormitory from the Chairman of Nurul Ikhlas ( called Mudir ). I accepted the offer and stay there for a year before I continued my study to the college.

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  1. hmmm...so far your writing is nice. I feel someting funny when looking your photos. hahhah.....
    in paragraph 2, according to me..If u use pst tnse, keep using it bro zak...= it was my fav. school...^^
    keep writing n BE CREATIVE from me! ckckk^6

  2. keep writing cok!!!!
    in first picture you looks like brownie scout

  3. good writing,,,,,
    you look so wise when you were in boarding school.........

  4. i like the the pictures at your essay..
    keep writing bg!!

  5. wkwkwkwk
    lumayan bg
    sedikit kacau blog nya