Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

My Future Home

Many people say, “Future is a mystery”, that is why sometimes I often think about my life, my job, my destiny, and also my home in the future. Here, I will describe about my dream home in the future.

The first thing is about the location of my dream home. It would be in the strategist place, in the city nearby shopping center, malls and education places. The best place is in free pollution area.

The second is about the style. Style is very important thing that should be more recognizing, because it show what taste the owner has. I hope style would mix between modern and classic style with elegant and high class art touch. Also with powerful means of colors combination.

The third is about furniture and decoration. These are very interesting to discuss, hopefully my furniture of my dream future home would be artistic that made from wood and added with high creation style. My decoration of my dream future home would decorate by myself; I like to decorate my own home in the future.

The fourth is the last paragraph of my essay that is why I had like to make my conclusion of my essay. I hope my dream future home shows many things about me and my taste in build a comfortable place to live.

4 komentar:

  1. i hpe you can get it, ,AMIN !!

  2. beautiful house, , i like it

  3. i like your idea..
    when you can make your future become true, don't forget for me!!